Profile and Adding Name

Your profile modal

You can always check your profile by clicking the Profile button within the menu.

You can add your name within the platform so that you are identifiable within your Family Account. Your name will show up instead of your wallet address if it has been added.

Adding Name

To add your name you can click the "+Add my name" button within the profile. Once clicked

You will be prompted to enter a string name that will be shown within the platform instead of the wallet address.

Your name will be recorded on the chain as a result. Please note that all transactions on-chain are immutable, meaning that you will not be able to delete personally identifiable information afterwards. Thus if you want to exercise fully your Privacy Rights do not use this option. You can also enter your generic nickname instead.

Since your name will be recorded on-chain, you will need to pay transaction fees to add your name. Once confirmed:

You will be able to see your name shown instead of your Address. If you do not see your name you may want to press the green refresh button on the header page.

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