LOVE tokens

What is a LOVE token?

CryptoMarry uses utility LOVE tokens within its platform. The primary goal of the LOVE tokens is to facilitate voting procedures and identification of the most important issues within the partnership. Partners and family members can use LOVE tokens to back up their proposal or their response to the proposal. A more, detailed description you can find in Initiating Proposals section.
There are several ways of obtaining LOVE tokens.
Ethereum Mainnet
Polygon Mainnet
Goerli Testnet
Exchange Rate
1 000 LOVE / 1 ETH
1000 LOVE / 1 gETH
Sale Cap
100 Million
100 Million
100 thousand
Claim Token (promo)
5 LOVE tokens per month
5 LOVE tokens per month
5 LOVE tokens per day
Claim Token (normal)
ETH balance in account * 100 LOVE per month / Number of Family Members
MATIC balance in account * 0.1 LOVE per month / Number of Family Members
gETH balance in account * 100 LOVE per day / Number of Family Members
LOVE tokens can be bought at the exchange rate indicated above. The sales of the LOVE token are capped according to the table above. Users can also freely claim LOVE tokens on a periodic basis (usually once in a month). Claiming of tokens can be made at different rates depending on whether a partner is in a promo or normal period. You can read more about buying and claiming tokens here.
The table above indicates our current tokenomics, and CryptoMarry reserves rights to change policies to serve better our user's needs.