Inviting Family Members

How to invite a family member?

Within the Family Members tab, you can invite and manage your family account members.

Press the "Add Family Members" button to invite a new member. Once pressed:

You can add a family member whom you would like to invite. You can either enter a wallet address or ENS name as it is shown above. Press "Add" to proceed to the transaction confirmation page within your wallet extension.

Once confirmed you will see the status of the invited member as it is shown below.

Make sure that you have double-checked the wallet address before inviting a member. It is risky inviting a member whom you do not know.

Family members are given the privilege to:

  • Initiate proposals including sending crypto assets

  • Vote for proposals

  • Execute proposals

  • Claiming and Buying LOVE tokens

  • View Family Account's address, transaction history, and policies

Only partners can invite or delete a family member.

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