Sending LOVE tokens

How to send LOVE tokens?

You might want to send your LOVE tokens to your partner or Family Member. To do that, press the "Family Crypto Assets" tab and press on the "LOVE tokens balance" menu.

From the menu press the "Add to your wallet" button. This will add a LOVE token to your list of wallet assets.

Once you add a token, you will see your LOVE token balance within your wallet extension within the Assets tab.

Now you can select LOVE token balance:

You can now press the "Send" button on your wallet and enter the receiver's wallet address and the number of LOVE tokens to be sent.

After pressing "Next" you can confirm the transaction.

After some time your transaction will be confirmed and shown within the history feed within your wallet extension.

Congratulations! You have sent 50 LOVE tokens to your loved one!

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