Minting NFT Certificate

We have prepared a special utility for you. You can mint NFT Certificate about your Family Account. To mint a certificate, on your NFT Assets tab, you can press "Mint NFT Certificate".

Once pressed, you will be able to choose an NFT Certificate type you would like to mint.

NFT Certificate types differ from each other by design, scarcity, and other properties. Each partner will also receive LOVE tokens.

NFT Certificate prices may vary depending on the chain you are using.

In our case, we will be minting General NFT by pressing the button to the left. This will trigger transactions in your wallet.

The transaction details will include the price of the NFT you are about to buy. Once confirmed, you will find NFT Certificate within your NFT Assets Tab.

Once you press on the Certificate, you will be able to read details about your Family Account. Including who are partners, what is the current balance of the account in native currency, and other.

You can view your Certificate on OpenSea and Share it on Social Media. This certificate is 100% on-chain and will be stored as long as the chain exists. How cool is that?

This certificate mints to the Family Account's address. You can send it as a normal NFT to other wallets or contracts.

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