Accepting Invitation

How to accept an invitation?

If you are invited to join a Family Account, first you should read Getting Started section and connect your wallet as described here. Once your wallet is connected you will be automatically directed to your page where you can accept or decline the invitation.

Within this page, you will find your Family Account Address. If you are willing to join you can select "Yes" and press the button Respond.

You will be offered to read and confirm Family Account Policies. Once you confirm, you will be sent to the wallet transaction confirmation page.

Once confirmed you will be able to see your Family Account's Dashboard.

The screenshot above is an example of sponsored transactions available on the Polygon mainnet and Goerli testnet when a user does not have a balance. On the Ethereum mainnet a user needs to pay transaction fees.

If the page has not changed you need to press the Refresh button on the header of your page. Once clicked, besides seeing your Dashboard, your status will change to Accepted.

Congratulations! Now you can fully participate in your Family's decision-making.

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