Splitting NFT Assets

You can also split NFT assets between partners. To do that, go to your NFT Assets Tab and press on NFT that you are planning to Split.

Clicking Split NFT will show confirmation pop-up.

Clicking Split will create a transacting within the wallet. Once confirmed the status of your NFT will change, to

The original NFT will stay within your Family Account. But each partner will receive NFT tokens that once all of them collected in one wallet, that wallet can retrieve the original one.

For instance, partner from this Family Account received a 5 NFT tokens that can be viewed within the OpenSea.

We can send all copies of NFTs to other wallet and let it retrieve the original one.

Once confirmed within the wallet transaction, we can see that all copies of this NFT is owned by one partner.

That partner can now go back to CryptoMarry platform and retrieve the original one. To do that, the user opens "NFT Assets" tab, clicks on the target NFT:

Withdraw button will activate if all copies of NFTs are collected within the wallet. Clicking it will trigger confirmation pop-up.

Once withdraw is clicked once again, transaction will be triggered within the wallet extension. And after confirming it the NFT will be sent to the partner. The NFT will disappear from the "NFT Assets" tab. From the Transaction History of the Family Account we can see that the NFT has been sent.

This is how we have split all digital assets upon dissolution. How cool is that?

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