Buying LOVE tokens

How to buy LOVE tokens?

You may run out of your LOVE tokens, thus it is possible to buy LOVE tokens. To do that:
Buying LOVE token.
Press "Buy LOVE Token" within the menu at the header of your page. Once clicked:
Buy Modal
You will find a modal where you can enter the value of the native currency (ETH/MATIC/gETH) and see an exchange rate.
In our example, you can exchange 1000 LOVE tokens per 1 gETH.
Once you enter the amount of native currency to be exchanged:
Entering value
In this case, we are buying 100 LOVE tokens for 0.1 gETH. By clicking "Buy LOVE Tokens" you will be forwarded to the wallet transaction confirmation page.
Confirming transaction
On the confirmation page, you can find the amount of outgoing currency that will be used for the exchange. Once confirmed:
Balance change
You can see on the header of your page an increased balance of LOVE tokens.
There is a Sale Cap of LOVE tokens emissions. This means that users can only buy a limited amount of Total LOVE tokens.