Connecting Apps

How to connect 3rd Party Apps?

To expand your reach in managing your crypto assets, CryptoMarry team is working hard to bring your favorite web3 apps to your dashboard. To connect apps, you can go to App Modules tab.

We have brought you such popular apps as Uniswap and Compoud. To connect you can press on the "Connect" button of the app. Once clicked, you will be prompted to accept or decline CryptoMarry's Disclaimer.

Since we are not in control of actually delivering services from the 3rd party apps and its infrastructure, it is important for you to consider all the risks related to interacting with the selected app.

If you agree with the disclaimer, you can press "Install" and trigger transaction within your wallet.

You are essentially giving permission to your Family Account to connect with external apps. Without this permission, your contract will stay insulated from the external ecosystem.

Once you confirm transaction you will see that the status of your app has changed. You may want to press Refresh button on the header of your page to see statuses to be changed.

Congratulations! You have just unlocked swapping capability for you Crypto asset using Uniswap.

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