Claiming LOVE tokens

How to claim LOVE tokens?

LOVE tokens are an essential part of the platform as it allows for initiating proposals. Users can freely claim LOVE tokens periodically. To claim LOVE tokens:

Press "Claim LOVE Token" within the menu at the header of the page. Once clicked:

Wow, we can claim 5 LOVE tokens now! We can claim it right away, by clicking the "Claim LOVE Token" button here.

We are claiming 5 LOVE tokens since our account currently is in Promo mode. Normally. the number of LOVE tokens depends on the current ETH/MATIC balance of the Family Account as it is shown in the table here.

After confirming the transaction within our wallet extension, we will have our balance increased accordingly.

You can find your current balance on the header of the page. You might want to press the Refresh button if the balance has not changed automatically. This is due to the asynchronous nature of transactions that might take time. You can come and check when you can claim tokens next, by clicking the "Claim LOVE token" button within the menu again.

The date of the next claim will be shown within the modal.

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