Accepting Proposal

If you were proposed within the CryptoMarry, connect your wallet as it was described here. You will be automatically sent to your Response page as shown below.

Here you can find your partner's wallet address, proposal message, and information about the initial deposit into the Family Account. If you accept the proposal you will need to confirm the policies as shown below.

Carefully read the policies that will govern the Family Account. It will not be possible to change them once the Family Account has been set up. Particular importance is the partner's share within the Family Account. Those shares will be used to split assets between partners if the account is terminated.

If you do not agree with the terms, you can decline the proposal and your partner will be informed about your decision.

Once you have read the policies and confirm them you have to confirm transactions within your wallet.

If you do not have funds to pay for transactions CryptoMarry may sponsor your transaction. All you need is to Sign the message.

Sponsored transactions are available only on Polygon Mainnet and Goerli Testnet. On Ethereum Mainnet you will be asked to pay a transaction fee, and thus need to have a balance.

Normally you will be redirected to your Family Account's Dashboard once your transaction is confirmed. If your page is not updating, you can press the green Refresh button on the header of your page, and wait until your page reloads. You will see the following Dashboard:

Congratulations, the Family Account has been set up! Please read the sections below to learn more about how to use your new Family Account.

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