Initiating Dissolution

How to initiate Dissolution mechanisms?

Within the menu on the header page, you can press "Initiate Dissolution". And the modal pops up.

If the Dissolution cooldown has passed (and it says NOW!), you can write dissolution message to your partner and family members. Once you clicked "Continue", summary page will appear.

As it was mentioned before, if dissolution proposal has not been voted for, there is 10 days cooldown before procedures can be executed. And this date is indicated in summary page. If it looks good, you can press "Send" to initiate a transaction. Once you confirmed your transaction within the wallet extension, your proposal will be shown within the "Proposals" tab.

Once the other partner votes, (or does not vote and the deadline is reached), you initiate Dissolution mechanisms by pressing "Execute Proposal"

That will create transaction within your wallet extension, and once confirmed there will be several changes within the Family Account. First of all, the proposal will change status:

Once you press Refresh button within the header of the page, your Family Accounts status will change to "Dissolute"

From the Family Crypto Assets Tab you can see that native balance has been zeroed since it has been split between partners.

You can also check Transaction History of the Family Account and see that the amount has been split.

Though we still have other assets that were not split. And we are going to handle that on the next page.

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