Understanding the Dashboard

Once the Family Account has been established, you will see your Family Account's Dashboard.

The header part of the page consists of your current Network (e.g. Goerli), the green Refresh page button, your current LOVE token and ETH (or MATIC) balance, and a menu with additional functionality.

Your menu further consists of:

  1. Change Theme button - Turns on/off Night Mode

  2. Buy the LOVE token button, here you can buy CryptoMarry Tokens.

  3. Claim LOVE token, you can periodically claim LOVE tokens.

  4. Transaction History - history of your wallet's interaction with the Platform.

  5. Initiate Dissolution - you can start Family Account dissolution procedures here.

  6. Your Profile page

  7. And Disconnect button.

Below the header, you have Dashboard Tabs:

  1. Family Dashboard - main page of your dashboard.

  2. Family Crypto Assets - contains Native and ERC20 tokens.

  3. Proposals - this tab contains a feed of proposals where you can take action.

  4. Family Members - The list of family members

  5. App Modules - a tab for connecting web3 apps to your Family Account.

Below the tab, you will find your Family Accounts Contract Address.

Your Contract Address will be used to receive crypto assets and send them. To see your contract on-chain you can press the Etherscan button on the right of the address.

By pressing the three dots button, you can further see the current policies of your family account and the transaction history of the Contract.

Below the Contract's Address, you can see the USD value of your crypto Assets (excluding NFTs). You can also find family partner's wallet addresses and Account establishment data below one another.

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